Packets of the IT-Leish rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for visceral leishmaniasis are displayed against a gradient background transitioning from teal to purple. Each white packet is clearly labeled with identification details including "IT LEISH", lot numbers, and expiration dates, along with the IVD (in vitro diagnostic) symbol, emphasizing their use in medical diagnostics. The packets are partially overlapped, focusing on their essential information and sterile packaging.

GADx reintroduces IT LEISH, the rapid diagnostic test for visceral leishmaniasis

Global Access Diagnostics (GADx), a social enterprise prioritising equitable access to diagnostics, today announced the launch of IT LEISH, a rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for visceral leishmaniasis (VL). The company acquired the manufacturing rights for…

Detecting Multiple Diseases At Once: EU-Funded Didida Project Develops A Cost-Effective Mobile Based Solution In Africa

Detecting multiple diseases at once: EU-funded DIDIDA project develops a cost-effective mobile based solution in Africa

The Digital Innovations and Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases in Africa (DIDIDA) had its official kick-off at the Strathmore University. DIDIDA is an ambitious project to develop reliable, low-cost, mobile phone-connected tests to help detect multiple…