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Packets of the IT-Leish rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for visceral leishmaniasis are displayed against a gradient background transitioning from teal to purple. Each white packet is clearly labeled with identification details including "IT LEISH", lot numbers, and expiration dates, along with the IVD (in vitro diagnostic) symbol, emphasizing their use in medical diagnostics. The packets are partially overlapped, focusing on their essential information and sterile packaging.

GADx acquires manufacturing rights for IT LEISH rapid diagnostic test from Bio-Rad Laboratories

Global Access Diagnostics (GADx), a social enterprise prioritising equitable access to diagnostics and driving local manufacturing, today announced it has acquired the manufacturing rights for the IT LEISH rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for visceral leishmaniasis…

An abstract representation of evolving pathways with diverging and converging lines that illustrate GADx's journey from inception to its current state and towards future opportunities. The design symbolizes strategic shifts, growth, and evolution under different leaderships, using a combination of flowing paths that embody progression and innovation. The image conveys an optimistic tone, highlighting the company's continuous forward movement and adaptation through changes in leadership.

Mologic to become a ‘Social Enterprise’ after acquisition by social impact funders and investors

A group of philanthropic funds and investors led by the Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF), with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is today announcing the launch of Global Access Health (GAH), a…