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Home Of Innovations In Lateral Flow Technology

Global Access Diagnostics (GADx) is a leading developer of lateral flow and rapid diagnostic technologies, products, and services. Bringing skills together for real impact, we work with companies, researchers, and clinicians to help them deliver fast, reliable, and accurate diagnoses at the point of care.

Increasing Access To Diagnostics

GADx is the home of innovations in lateral flow technology. We are a leading developer of lateral flow and rapid diagnostic technologies with a strong sense of purpose in Global Health, impact-led programmes, and local manufacturing. GADx was bought out from private investment in 2021 and is now led by a group of philanthropic stakeholders including ELMA philanthropies, Open Society Foundation, Skagen, and Sapling family investment groups. As part of this transition, GADx became a social enterprise, dedicating its profits and mission to improving the health and well-being of underserved populations worldwide.

Working with tests.

Unrivalled Scientific Excellence With A Mission

Our 41 scientists are at the forefront of human, animal, and agricultural diagnostics. What’s more, your partnership with us has an impact beyond the world-class test we develop together. All of our profits are re-invested in developing affordable diagnostics for neglected issues and populations, so your investment helps to address the lack of access to diagnostics that the Lancet Commission estimates contributes to 1.1 million premature deaths annually.


The standard ISO 13485 is hugely important to designers, developers, and manufacturers of medical devices as it provides a solution to meet the requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS). Mologic Ltd t/a Global Access Diagnostics (GADx) is certified to ISO 13485:2016 & EN ISO 13485:2016.

Certified Social Enterprise

We’re the lateral flow pioneer and the partner you’re looking for at any, or every, stage of development.


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Frequent testing is invaluable and so it is vital to find ways to drive down the cost of kits and increase production levels. As a social enterprise, GADx can transform this process because it ‘breaks the link’ of ‘having to make profit for shareholders’.

Paul Davis
Co-founder of Mologic and pioneer of lateral flow diagnostics.