Senior Management

Image of Mark Street-Docherty

Dr Mark Street-Docherty

Image of Humphrey Amo-Yartey

Humphrey Amo-Yartey

Image of Emily Adams

Dr Emily Adams

VP, Global Health & Business Development
Image of Andrew Wheeler

Dr Andrew Wheeler

General Manager, Mologic Inc.
Image of Kevin Land

Dr Kevin Land

Head of Innovative Research and Development
Image of Julia Rogers

Dr Julia Rogers

Head of Human CRO
Image of Alison Wakeham

Dr Alison Wakeham

Head of Non-Human CRO
Image of James Schouten

Dr James Schouten

Head of Chemistry
Image of Anthony Gore

Anthony Gore

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Cath Picton

Head of Quality

Team Members

Image of Abby Jones

Dr Abby Jones

Image of Amanda Oxley

Amanda Oxley

Image of Amy Stuart-Leach

Amy Stuart-Leach

Image of Andre Albert

Andre Albert

Image of Andrew Bentham

Andrew Bentham

Image of Annelyse Duvoix

Dr Annelyse Duvoix

Image of Anya Gregg

Anya Gregg

Image of Devanshi Pandit

Devanshi Pandit

Image of Devon Laplante

Devon LaPlante

Image of Gerhard Nebe-von-Caron

Dr Gerhard Nebe-von-Caron

Image of Gita Parekh

Dr Gita Parekh

Image of Graham Watson

Graham Watson

Image of Jaskirat Kaur

Jaskirat Kaur

Image of Joanne Atkins

Joanne Atkins

Image of John Clayton

John Clayton

Image of Josephine Mensah-Kane

Josephine Mensah-Kane

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Frequent testing is invaluable and so it is vital to find ways to drive down the cost of kits and increase production levels. As a social enterprise, GADx can transform this process because it ‘breaks the link’ of ‘having to make profit for shareholders’.

Paul Davis
Co-founder of Mologic and pioneer of lateral flow diagnostics.