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By Dr Alison Wakeham

Botrytis: How On-Site Diagnostics Can Support The Wine Industry

Botrytis bunch rot is a disease that still afflicts the wine industry. An estimated 25% of the globe’s $66 billion worth of wine grapes produced annually lost due to this disease!…
By Dr Alison Wakeham

Liver Fluke Test: Developing A Rapid Test To Support Farmers In Response To Anthelmintic Resistance

“We are delighted that what started as a research tool is now being developed as a practical diagnostic test for farmers and vets, to support strategic control for this…
By Dr Julia Rogers

Cystatin C Test: Developing a Rapid Test to Allow Users to Track Kidney Function

Working with Bloom Diagnostics, GADx (formerly Mologic) developed a Kidney Test to measure cystatin C level, a well-established indicator of kidney function. What is CKD? Kidneys play a vital…


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Frequent testing is invaluable and so it is vital to find ways to drive down the cost of kits and increase production levels. As a social enterprise, GADx can transform this process because it ‘breaks the link’ of ‘having to make profit for shareholders’.

Paul Davis
Co-founder of Mologic and pioneer of lateral flow diagnostics.